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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions stated herein govern the terms of use of https://www.wordpressitsolutions.com/ website, and in addition, it is an associate of WordPress IT Solutions. We request you to read our detailed terms and conditions which are set forth as they govern all the services offered by https://www.wordpressitsolutions.com/.

The terms and Conditions are a legal agreement between ‘You’ (either an individual as a whole or an entity you be the representative of). By browsing our website or by availing our WordPress Web Development services, you assuredly accept this contract, and you acknowledge that you have read this agreement thoroughly. It confirms that you understand it and you come to an agreement, and in full consciousness, you accept the terms and conditions that are set forth. If you do not come to an agreement with the terms and conditions as presented herein, then we generously request you do not apply for, or accept, use or hire our development services. The services provided by WordPress IT Solutions include Html to WordPress Conversion, PSD to WordPress, WordPress Theme Customization, WordPress Development, WordPress Designing, Hire WordPress Developers, WordPress Plugin Development and website maintenance services as well. If a customer accepts the agreement, then terms of use will be applied to all the WordPress Development services and solutions provided by “WordPress IT Solutions”.

In sole discretion, we at no cost is accountable or liable to the timeliness, suitability and inaccuracy. If users/visitors/customers continue to abide by terms of use, then we sanction them a standard and fundamental authority to access and to hire our WordPress Web Development services. Furthermore, WordPress IT Solutions reserves the right to alter the below-mentioned terms and conditions at any point of time. We would recommend customers to read the terms and conditions cautiously as they contain important instructions and information pertaining to our rights to change its norms, fees for early termination, privacy, limitations of liability and settlement of disputes etc. At WordPress IT Solutions, we reserve all the right to terminate the access and usage of our services for the visitors and customers who violate the terms of use laid in this document, encompassing repeat infringement of copyright and trademark law. In sole discretion, we can take any legal action which deems applicable against the wrongdoer and contract breaker. As per our will, our privacy policy, refund policy works hand in hand with terms of use. Acquiring an entitlement to the usage of our website and services means that you have acknowledged and is bound to be governed by these terms and conditions agreement in-all-inclusive form.

General Terms of Use

We affirm that all the WordPress development services displayed and entities published on https://www.wordpressitsolutions.com/ such as content, graphics, logo, website design, images, reviews, layout, trademarks, etc. are possessions of WordPress IT Solutions. The website and blog section content is secure under intellectual property and copyright laws. WordPress IT Solutions do not permit anybody to use, copy, transfer, exploit, modify, alter, or distribute any such belongings of WordPress IT Solutions for any sort of commercial, money-making and non-commercial purpose. Until and unless we give written consent to use our property, no one is authorized to use our name and logo for promotional deeds. In sole discretion, we reserve all rights to review, alter, modify and revise our “Terms and Conditions” without serving a prior notice. Bottom Line, WordPress IT Solutions holds the sole proprietorship to amend and revise the existing terms and conditions at any time without informing you beforehand. Without informing you in advance, we are at liberty to alter terms and conditions, services and other provisions. You are restrained from posting or transmitting any illicit content, harassing, obscene, pornographic or derogatory material that may stimulate misbehavior. It will sedate as a criminal offense, and required legal action will be taken.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of WordPress IT Solutions is a crucial part of the terms and conditions contract stated forth. We comprehend the value and utmost nature of privacy in business dealings. Therefore, we ensure that your private and confidential information is safe and secure with us. This Privacy Policy agreement states the manner in which we accumulate, utilize the personal information of the users. We generously request customers and visitors to read this privacy policy before accessing the site or submitting any personal information. We kindly request you to read our privacy policy every time whenever you access the website as they are subject to change.


At WordPress IT Solutions, we hold single-handed ownership of the content including text, information, entities, links, photos, graphics, themes, videos, animation, banners, logos, and also data compilation is protected under the Australian Copyright Act 1968. No one is authorized to make copies, do recreation, distribute or publish any of it in any commercial or non-commercial manner.


https://www.wordpressitsolutions.com/ abstains the customer from using any of the company’s trademark in connotation with services even of business partners, affiliates or third parties without any written consent or prior permission. Suppose any of the user or customer indulge in the illicit activity of using the trademark, in that case, we can legally prosecute the person or organization as it derogates the terms and conditions. In addition, the other trademarks which do not belong to WordPress IT Solutions and that are spotted on the website are owned by particular third party owners and are not sponsored or allied by us.

Refund Policy

https://www.wordpressitsolutions.com/ refund policy adheres to the Australian Consumer Law in compliance with Consumer Act 2010. Refund Policy is applicable to all the esteemed customers that are in partnership with WordPress IT Solutions. In case, if you are not satisfied with our development services, then you will be entitled to a full refund within 30 days from the commencement of the service contract. This refund policy is comprehensively governed based on the passage of time and days. Furthermore, changes that are demanded from the customers’ end after the service is already being approved and accepted by them will not be reflected under the Refund criteria. If you have any further concerns, issues and queries regarding the refund policy, then write to us at support@wordpressitsolutions.com before the expiry and last date of the subscription-based plan.

Breach Of Terms and Conditions

In case, if anyone doesn’t come to an agreement with the terms, notices, conditions, agreements and rights discussed while in a deal with WordPress IT Solutions, your contract with us will be considered as terminated or suspended from immediate effect. Prompt termination of the material that is in your control will be done without prior warning. By accessing or clicking on “I Accept Terms and Conditions” checkbox you accept that you have read this End-User License Agreement, and also you approve that you will be in charge of any misconduct.

Disclaimer and Warranties

https://www.wordpressitsolutions.com/ unambiguously repudiates all warranties expressed or implied, state of affairs of any kind whether unexpressed warranties or conditions of Title, System Integration, Merchantability or capability to integrate a specific product with other service and also non-infringement do not endorse that:

  • The website will perform or function without any Inadequacies, Interruptions or suspensions.
  • We at no extent take legal responsibility that all material or services will be error-free, Secure or Appropriate.
  • That any information, content or graphic that users obtain from the website will be precise.
  • We take no liability for Inadvertencies on the website, or any delays or failures arising from the use of the website.
  • Neither us nor any of the business partners, affiliates, employees, contractors, agents or respective directors of https://www.wordpressitsolutions.com/ are liable for any significant damages ( Including Incidental, or any loss of Revenue, Goodwill, Profit or any Loss of Data) ascending in any manner explicitly associated with the usage of this site; we are not accountable for any Incidents or Circumstances.

Law and Jurisdiction

Visitors and Customers are obligated to acknowledge and thereby adhere to terms and conditions aforementioned, which are explicitly governed by Australian Law and is inclusive of whole agreement with the https://www.wordpressitsolutions.com/ website and its usage. In case of any concerns, issues or queries regarding the terms and conditions, users can email us at support@wordpressitsolutions.com.

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Best Wordpress Web Development Company USA |  Australian Web Services
Best Wordpress Web Development Company USA |  Australian Web Services
Best Wordpress Web Development Company USA |  Australian Web Services
Best Wordpress Web Development Company USA |  Australian Web Services
Best Wordpress Web Development Company USA |  Australian Web Services
Best Wordpress Web Development Company USA |  Australian Web Services
Best Wordpress Web Development Company USA |  Australian Web Services