Ultimate Guide: Revamping Psd Design Files To WordPress Theme In Easy-Breezy Steps

PSD to WordPress Theme Conversion

Within no time, WordPress popularity is reaching skyrocket and soaring heights. And in 2020 many companies who are not counting on WordPress are far behind in the rat race of cut-throat digital competition. It is high time to step forward and go ahead with a custom WordPress design service. There is no doubt that WordPress is sitting on the throne of powerful CMS. WordPress powers around 35% of the website portion and we can confidently speak up it is winning the hearts of millions on the Internet. WordPress is adjustable, flexible, impeccable, and whatnot. You name it, and WordPress holds everything for you, even thousands of free themes. Isn’t it so cool? It is like a blessing in disguise if you have a WordPress website in your vanity. But still many websites are hanging to the PSD. It is high time, for a radical shift, and in this regard, you might require some help. So, here we are with this blog to make things hassle-free for you. If you convert PSD to WordPress theme, then you will have a way towards bug-free, secure, and fully-functional website. For making a shift, you will definitely need the help of a professional WordPress Development Company in USA, until and unless you are a trained and qualified WordPress Developer.

The cherry on the cake is WordPress offers plenty of plugins, themes, widgets that not only contribute in improving up a website but also helps big time in adding useful features. WordPress is the best development platform to hope on if you want to create websites with astounding functionalities and features. Your business website face value should be different if you really want to stand out from the crowd. To get started, you just have to take a top-notch WordPress Development Company in USA onboard, and you should cherry-pick professionals based on the hands-on expertise and decades of experience they hold.

Your Easy-Peasy Guide to Convert PSD to WordPress Theme

This blog post talks mainly about the steps to convert PSD to WordPress Theme. In a nutshell, we are going to discuss some vital steps that go into converting the PSD Files to WordPress Themes. In the conversion process, the chief element is PSD design file which is basically the foundation of any website, and it is further custom-made according to the business requirements. PSD files are designed in the most popular photo editing and web designing software which is none other than Adobe Photoshop. Now, let us address the question of what a PSD file is- It is much needed for any WordPress theme development process, and customized PSD files are needed for stepping towards the WordPress site. Without a further ado, let’s move on to the PSD to WordPress conversion, which involves the slicing process. We will teach you how to do it in a professional manner because it is an in-depth process and requires the custom WordPress design service provider’s help.

First of all, the design files in PSD are to be chopped and sliced into high-resolution images that are needed to be fit in the website theme. Also, once you are done with the slicing process, don’t forget to save the design elements and that too in different folders so that there is no mix-up regarding any file. Designers rely on Photoshop to slice the images of the design. Websites look best with dynamic designs and elements but do remember websites tend to get slower with them, so don’t forget to optimize these images. The primary elements of web design are: Background, Separator, Menu, Header and Footer. Though you have the liberty to add more elements but don’t forget they are the basic ones. Ask your onboard WordPress Development Company in USA to deal with colors and pixels with precision and perfection.

It’s Time to Create Index.HTML and Style.CSS Files

Now, after slicing the PSD files, it is the ideal time to create index.html and style.css file so that website meets the business requirements. In this step, static HTML and a dynamic CSS should be created in order to give a structure to the website. Once you are done creating these files, don’t forget to name them as style.css and index.html. The PSD file that you had chopped and sliced in the first step, now needs to be put in the right file that has been created in the first place. Now, it is time to make your website responsive, which is undoubtedly a pressing priority. Also, at this juncture, you have to add dynamic designs to the website in PSD to WordPress theme development process.

Let’s Move Further to The Most Pivotal Step of PSD to WordPress Conversion

Let us tell you WordPress has a standard file structure, which you can use to the chock-full by making the most out of WordPress widgets and plugins. Now break the WordPress File Structure as: header.php, Index.php, Footer.php and Sidebar.php. You can add a few snippets of code, and it can further be added to the files and code work. Over here, without any doubt, you need the help of a leading WordPress Development Company in USA so that they can take care of all the indispensable things in the PSD to WordPress Theme Conversion process so that further no issues takes place at the end of the conversion process.

Continue with the Process & Keep Adding Functionalities until an Impeccable Website is ready.

Till now, you must be acquainted with the fact that WordPress is an open-source platform, and there is no limit to it. Any business can get a state-of-the-art and ingenious website for their niche and line of business. Moving further to the features and functionalities, we have successfully completed the PSD to WordPress conversion process. For the development process, avail the services of WordPress IT Solutions as we will add some stellar features since we hold proficiency in programming and coding skills.


In an outline, WordPress gives the full sovereignty to design, develop, modify and as well as edit the website with far-reaching flexibility and the availability of the themes and plugins. If you are wondering that is it possible to perform the aforementioned steps by yourself, even if you lack extensive knowledge and expertise, in this scenario, we would definitely not suggest you to convert PSD to WordPress theme by yourself without the help of a credible WordPress Development Company in USA. To harness the power of this CMS platform take us on board, we can also help you in tweaking, modification, revamping and makeover of the whole website. WordPress IT Solutions is fully-committed in offering top tier Custom WordPress Design Service. We hold hands-on expertise and dedicated experience in this niche, and we are highly-acknowledged for our conversion services as well. Since we work with precision and skills to deliver unrivalled custom WordPress design service. We strive towards progression, and therefore we work round-the-clock to accomplish that. Furthermore, we are backed by a team of dedicated WordPress developers that are working in this fraternity from an aeon. Our developers firstly understand the requirements and needs of every business and then continue with the conversion process. We undertake one of the niftiest shortcuts in order to get the best- we first of all, design your website using Photoshop, and then we convert the PSD files to WordPress theme. Bottom Line, we design your spot-on website in Photoshop, and then we add WordPress tags, plugins, and widgets in mandate to create desired functionalities. For an optimistic digital website transformation journey, get in touch with us.

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