Tips & Tricks to Create Custom WordPress Theme Website (That Too In 5 Simple Steps)

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To get something done, you have to make an effort. And if you are looking to build a custom WordPress website from scratch, then don’t worry, since WordPress is like a guardian angel and knight in the shining armor. Earlier, WordPress had a complex interface and only experienced WordPress Development Company used to code a decent looking WordPress Website. But luckily, things have evolved over the time. Now, for creating a custom theme for WordPress, you don’t require any know-how and hands-on expertise. Furthermore, WordPress introduced the element of ease of use and user-friendliness. In this blog, we will walk you through the whole process of creating a custom WordPress theme website without writing any code and that too all by yourself. There is an assortment of WordPress themes, and all of them offers high-functionality and ease of use. Without a further ado, let’s get started with the website development process.

Ins & Outs of WordPress Theme Development

If you want your website to look all decked up and want it to be highly-functional, then you should check out the WordPress Theme Directory. You can get a website that stands out from the crowd and moreover you can develop it at a cost-effective price. Since with WordPress, you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket on purchasing a premium theme. You don’t have to worry, since developing a tailor-made theme for WordPress is not that complicated affair as you imagine to be. All thanks to WordPress as it caters to bring the inherent user-friendliness and an array of tools at one place.

We will, first of all, take you through the process of creating the theme. For this, you will need two things that are- (a) Your own WordPress website (b) A hosting plan.

And it will be best if you use a single tool since it will create a theme effortlessly and straightforwardly. And that is none other than the starter theme. 

What Is A Starter Theme?

A starter theme is basically a WordPress theme that you can use to create your own. This starter theme allows you to build a solid framework, and with it, you don’t have to worry about the intricacies which are involved in coding a theme from scratch. The icing on the cake is it helps you understand how WordPress works by showcasing you the basic structure of a theme in real-time. Furthermore, there are a wide array of starter themes, including Bones, Underscores and UnderStrap, etc. We prefer using Underscore so we will talk about this one. It’s the best tool for beginners since itis not at all complicated and moreover; it only contains the basics. If you think that you would fail in creating a custom theme website, then the one-stop solution for you is to avail custom WordPress Theme Development Service.

Let’s Hop On & Help You Develop Your First WordPress Theme (In 5 Simple Steps)

Now, we think you are ready to take things forward. So let’s enter the next phase of development where you will create your first ever theme. 

Note*In case you don’t know much about the WordPress development, we will recommend you to seek professional WordPress Development Company’s help.

Step 1: Local Development Environment

First thing first, create a local development environment which is a server that you install on your system. You can use this to develop and manage local WordPress websites. The local site is a safe and secure way to develop a theme since it doesn’t affect your site. And it is pretty good because there are many ways to create a local environment. However, you should get your hands on Desktop Server since this is a fast and easy way to install a local version of WordPress for free. Now, to begin, firstly select the free version of DesktopServer and then complete the registration process. After that, download the installer. Once you get the installer downloaded, then you can run it competently. When the installation is completed, open the program where you will be prompted to configure your new local environment. Bear in mind this is a straightforward process, and with this, you will get your local WordPress website ready and that too in a few minutes. 

Step 2: Install and Setup Your Starter Theme

Just like a starter theme, underscore is easy on the hand. First and foremost, you are required to go to the website and name your theme. After that, click on advanced options to customize the base theme. Now, fill out information such as the author name and then give the theme a description. In the next step, click on Generate which will download a .zip file, and it contains the starter theme. Basically, this is the core around which you will develop your own theme, and after that, you have to install it on your local site. And once you install your theme, you can preview it to see how it looks in real. 

Step 3: Behind the Work- WordPress Development

Before you begin with your websitecustomization step, you should understand the components and how they fit together. Therefore, we will discuss how template files work since they are the main building blocks of a WordPress theme. Moreover, these files help to determine the layout and look of the content. 

For Example: On the one hand, header.php is used to create a header and on the other handcomments.php displays comments. 

Step 4: It’s Time to Configure the Theme

Themes are not only for the aesthetic appeal but also in reality; they significantly impact the site’s performance and functionality. So there is no harm in making a few basic customizations. You can add functionality with Hooks which are code snippets as they are inserted into template files, and it also enables to run PHP actions on different zones of a site. After that, add style with CSS as they hold the potential to define the appearance for all content on your website. 

Step 5: Last but Not Least- Test the Theme & Upload It to Your Website

Before uploading, you should test the theme. Make sure whether your theme works in every circumstance or not. For testing purpose, you can use the theme unit test data. Through this, you can upload the dummy content that you want to add to your website. When you are pretty sure that your theme will definitely work, then that is the correct time to export it. If you are clueless, whether it is ready to be uploaded or not, then in that circumstance you can take the help of WordPress Development Company.

Now, you must be thinking how to upload it, right? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. One of the best ways of doing it right is- Look for the website that is installed on your local machine that too in a folder called Websites inside your default Documents Directory. Now, open the folder /wp-content/themes/, where you can find the theme. After that, use a compression tool such as WinRAR to create a .zip file based on the folder. Now, right-click on the folder and select the option that enables you to zip it such as Compress “folder.” Once the folder has been zipped, it is all ready to be uploaded on any WordPress website. 

We agree developing custom WordPress theme is not a calk walk, and at some point in time, it gets intimidating and overwhelming. But, the process is not as challenging as you have thought of. If you believe developing a theme and then uploading it is not your cup of tea, and it’s too much for you. Then, there is no needto take all the stress, especially when professional WordPress Development Company is present at your service. Go with WordPress IT Solutions as they hold the decades of deep-rooted experience in offering top-notch custom WordPress theme development services.

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